Automatic Inline Strainer

Automatic self cleaning inline strainer

The automatic Inline strainer is a self-cleaning unit designed for removal of heavy dirt loads and big particles from intake, process and wastewater flows. Depending on the screen the automatic strainer can handle solids with particles as small as 200 micron and large as 5000 micron. Raw water enters the inside of the screen cylinder and flows through the screen to the outlet. A filter cake of dirt is build on the inner screen, cleaning process starts when the differential pressure reached a preset value. Cleaning is done by a brush system, stainless steel/nylon brushes sweep the inner surface of the cylindrical screen. The particles are dislodged and flushed out to the exhaust valve. The In-Line strainer serie range in flow rates up to 4.500 m3/hr, with screens ranging from 5.000- 200 micron filtration degree. Outlet flanges goes up to 32” diameter.


  • Special design for removal of big size particles, such as leafs, sticks, nylon, etc.
  • Heavy duty filter for high dirt loads of suspended solids and high flow rates
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel manufacturing material options. Special alloys up on request
  • Available in ASME Section VIII Division 1 design with “U” Stamp
  • Special coating to prevent corrosion
  • CE Marking according to PED 2014/68/EU harmonized standard
  • No interruption of downstream flow during flushing
  • Self lubricating bearings


    • Seawater intake
    • Membrane Protection
    • Cooling water
    • Surface water intake
    • Process water
    • Frac fluids
    • Pipeline flushing
    • Waste water


      • Available in different construction materials
      • Special coatings for corrosion resistance
      • Available in ASME Section VIII Division 1 design with “U” Stamp
      • Available with ATEX/Exd/Exe design

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