Features overview of our dual vessel filter units

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Equipment

Dutch Filtration has improved the most commonly used filter unit for oil and gas filtration services. All feedback over the last 20 years has resulted in the most flexible user friendly and safe filter unit.

Our dual vessel cartridge units do have the inlet at the top of the vessel, this allows an easy conversion to a bag filter unit. This unique unit can be used as cartridge filter and well as bag filter. The conversion plate with baskets is very easy and quick assembled without any tools.

The details of the unique design features of our dual vessel filter unit;

Rudi Quick Opening Closure on our cartridge and/or bag filter vessel for quick acces to the filter consumables. The vent valve at the top need to be opened before lever can be moved to rotate the lid. They the vertical lever will be pushed down to lift the lid and swing away. This handling will take a few seconds. Without any tools. 

Rudi quick opening closure, but filter housings can also be equiped with the more conservative swing bolt closure.

Document box (tube) with screw closure is made in heavy duty and corrosion free PVC. The tube is water proof.

All our wetted parts are SS316, no corrosion. Including our stainless steel  hammer unions fig206. With o-ring sealing for 100% leak tight connection and no traces of rust in your filtrate.

Smart locking pin to lock the access safety gate in the railing of DNV2.7-1 offshore frame. Our hand railing around the working platform is 100cm which is mandatory by MODU for working offshore.

Quick strap to fix the top netting of the DNV2.7-1 lifting offshore frame.

Top netting which is light, safe, easy compare to steel grid gates used by other filter manufacturers.

Compact manifold for in serie, parallel and by-pass. Every cartridge filter unit can be converted easily to bag filter use because the inlet is always in the top of the filter vessel. Our heavy duty butterfly valves have notch plates, SS316 discs, NBR seats, steel coated handles.

Wath the following video about our duel vessel filter unit with Rudi quick opening closure.

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