GigaFlow – High Flow Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge

The GigaFlow is designed for high flow applications where absolute particle removal is needed. The GigaFlow can handle flow rates up to 40m3/hr (176 GPM). This High Flow capacity means fewer cartridges and smaller housings. The integrated handle makes it very easy to install and remove the cartridge, The positive 0-ring seal also assures easy change out and filtration integrity. The GigaFlow is available in Glass Fiber as well as full polypropylene for use in a wide variety of fluids. The GigaFlow elements are thermally welded and available in 1-150 micron. The GigaFlow is an excellent replacement for Parker MegaFlow Plus.

Features High Flow Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge

  • High Flow capacity means fewer cartridges and less time to change out.

  • High-flow capacity allows for smaller housings.

  • Integrated handle makes change out fast, easy and safe.

  • O-ring seal assures filtration integrity. 
  • Choice of polypropylene media expands fluid compatibility.

  • High surface area pleated design provides low pressure drop and long service life.

  • All cartridges constructed with polypropylene are FDA listed as acceptable for potable and edible applications.

Other High Flow Filter Cartridges

  • MaxFlowHigh Flow Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge
  • MegaFlow: High Capacity Pleated Cartridge
  • UltraFlow: High Flow and Capacity Filter Cartridge

Applications GigaFlow

  • RO/UF Pre-filtration

  • Waste Water
  • Food and Beverage
  • Coolants

Options GigaFlow

  • Filter media:  PP, Glass Fiber
  • Seal material
  • High temperature version

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