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Industrial waste water filtration

Wastewater recovery

Read more about wastewater recovery here: https://dutchfiltration.com/waste-water-recovery/


Geothermal Energy

Blog Geothermal energy

What is Geothermal Energy? Find out in our blog https://dutchfiltration.com/geothermal-energy/

Pleated filter cartridge en vat

Blog is cellulose filter media really cost-effective compared to glassfiber filter media?

Cellulose filters are much cheaper than glassfiber filter cartridges. Find out in our blog whether cellulose filters or fiberglass filters are more cost-effective in the long run⁠ https://dutchfiltration.com/is-cellulose-filter-media-really-cost-effective-compared-to-glassfiber-filter-media/

Wounded Cartridge

Blog how to select a filter

Want to know more about selecting a filter? Read this blog https://dutchfiltration.com/how-to-select-a-filter/


FP2400 spread wit Stackable slurry skid adn 1200 sqft spread

Blog filtration of completion fluids

Completion fluids play a vital role in the productivity of oil and gas wells. Because there are a number of different completion fluids used over the life of an oil or gas well, each with different characteristics, the filtration system must be able to cope with this variation.

Read more about the filtration of completion fluids here https://dutchfiltration.com/filtration-of-completion-fluids/

Legs support filter housing powder coated frame

Blog flame sprayed zinc ground layer vs normal paint system

Getting tired of constantly painting your offshore filter unit frames? Read our blog about the differences between a flame sprayed zinc ground layer and a normal paint system here https://dutchfiltration.com/flame-sprayed-zinc-ground-layer-vs-normal-paint-system/ 

Complete set

Rental equipment

We are expanding our rental fleet with two new Combi Dual Vessel Filter Units, equipped with the Rudi QOC for safe and quick opening and closing of the filter lid.⁠ For more information about our rental equipment click here https://dutchfiltration.com/rental/

Hig capacity bag en filter basket donker

Blog high capacity filter bags increase filtration area by 70%

Do you want a cheaper and more efficient option for your filter basket?
By using our high capacity filter bags, you can use a smaller and cheaper filter housing while maintaining the desired flow rate and dirt holding capacity and increasing the filtration surface area with 70%. Read here about the benefits the use of high capacity filter bags can have for a company https://dutchfiltration.com/high-capacity-filter-bags-increase-filtration-area-by-70/