OilLock: Removal of Oil from Water, Easy and Simple

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OilLock: Removal of Oil from Water, Easy and Simple

Dutch Filtration has developed a new OilLock filter system for the clean-up of oily water and/or eliminating oil from water. Our oil absorption elements have a high absorption capacity and remove all free and dispersed oils in a single pass. The locked oil instantly forms a bond with the media and solidifies. During the filter process the oil absorption cartridge will slowly build up a differential pressure. When this differential pressure reaches the maximum of 30 DPSI (2 bar) the cartridge blocks. Because the cartridge blocks, bypass of hydrocarbons is impossible. This is the indication the oil absorption cartridge needs a change-out. During handling there is no contact with saturated media because the hydrocarbons are absorbed and locked in. The 2.5×40 inch oil absorption cartridge is designed to hold upto 1.2 ltr of hydrocarbons. Maximum recommend flow rate per element 1.1 m3/hr/40inch element (5 GPM)  This oil absorption cartridge, OilLock, is an effective absorbent for hydrocarbons and volatile organics. Dutch Filtration’s OilLock is excellent at reducing the hydrocarbon levels in oily water to meet the strictest discharge regulations. 

OilLock oil absorption cartridge

Our innovated oil absorption cartridge manufactured in our own facility

Construction Oil Absorption Cartridge

The different construction parts of the oil absorption elements are made from polypropylene and an environmentally friendly bonding agent. The structure of the oil absorption element is a very strong fully thermally welded polypropylene construction, to insure the element meets the highest industrial standards.

Applications Oil Absorption Cartridge

Our Oil absorption cartridge can be used in a wide range of oilfield applications but also in many applications in the process industry such as:

  • Bilge water
  • Run-off water
  • Pipeline purge/ hydrotest
  • Decommissioning systems
  • Open drain clean up
  • Mud pit cleaning
  • Polishing slop water
  • Completion fluids
  • Waste water from refineries
  • Car wash
  • Landfill leachate treatment
  • Degreasing activities
  • RO membrane protection

Replacement or Complete Filter Solutions

The Oil absorption cartridge can be used in our standard filter housings or filter units. But the OilLock cartridge will fit in every other standard 40 inch filter housing with code 3 connections.
To complete your process, Dutch Filtration provides a wide range of filter solutions. All filters can be customized to meet your specific filter requirements.

If you want more information about our oil absorption cartridge or other products please contact us [email protected]or +31 75 2014000 and
Dutch Filtration USA at [email protected] or +1-832-589-2453

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