TwistFlow – Nominal Wound Filter Cartridge

TwistFlow nominal wound filter

The TwistFlow Nominal String Wound Filter Cartridge (our DNW-serie) has, due to the advanced technology used in the manufacturing process, an excellent multi layer depth filtration.
The String Wound Cartridge is very versatile and applicable in most filtration requirements. The unique string winding pattern provides true depth filtration, contamination absorption and flow capacity at a wide of particle size contamination.
The Nominal String Wound Cartridge is the economical solution in pre filtration, especially when bag filters are not available.


  • Multi layers of fine Polypropylene string, precision pattern wound provide both depth and high performance separation
  • Large volume of contaminant volume absorption through the multiple separation layer
  • Broad range of contamination particle size separation ability without plugging
  • Full Thermal Bonded technology and 100% Polypropylene material providing chemical compatibility for most fluids, solvents and chemicals
  • Very economical pre-filtration cartridge
  • Minimum pressure drop in medium and coarse size


    • Waste water
    • Completion fluids
    • Produced water
    • Work over fluids
    • Gravel pack fluids
    • Wellbore clean up fluids
    • Fuel, diesel & oil
    • Process water
    • Membrane pre filtration
    • Injection water
    • Acids & solvents
    • Amines & glycols
    • Flow back


      • Micron rating 1- 100 micron
      • Length 10-50 inch
      • Connection end cap
      • Filter media: Polyester, PP, Cotton, Glass fibre
      • Core material: Stainless steel 304
      • Outside diameter: 50 -114 mm

        Unique design features


        Unique string winding

        Due to the unique string winding pattern the cartridge provides true depth filtration, contamination absorption and flow capacity at a wide of particle size contamination.

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