Automatic Self Cleaning Filter


Automatic Self Cleaning Filter are used for water intake for cooling, pipeline flushing, make up process water. The system can filter down to 5 micron at high rates and without interruption of flow rate during its cleaning cycle. Dutch Filtration designs and build complete system to suit your application.

We offer different technologies; screen, disc, microfiber and media filtration. These technologies effectively treat and filter water for a variety of applications.

Disc filter

Automatic Self Cleaning Disc Filter

Arkal Spin Klin

Automatic Self Cleaning Disc Filter

SAF_ automatisch zelfreinigende screen filters

Automatic Self Cleaning Screen Filter

SAF_ automatisch zelfreinigende screen filters

Automatic Self Cleaning Media Filter


  • Large filter area
  • Automatic flush begins when differential pressure achieves a certain level or on a determined time lapse
  • Reliable operating mechanism
  • During the self-cleaning process, 20 to 40 seconds, filtered water continues to flow downstream
  • Minimal volume of water needed for flushing


    • Cooling Water
    • Process water
    • Waste water treatment
    • Sea Water Intake
    • Industrial Pre-filtration
    • Pre filtration RO
    • Water Supply Systems


      • Different sizes from 10 M3/h (350 gpm) up to 7200 m3/h (32000 gpm)
      • Two types of control boards : PLC or Electro-Mechanical Relay and Timer
      • Inlet/outlet 2″ up to 36″
      • 10-10.000 micron filtration
      • Design pressure 10 bar, 16 bar available on demand

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