Automatic Self Cleaning Filter

Automatic Self cleaning filter are used for water intake for cooling, pipeline flushing, make up process water. The system can filter down to 5 micron at high rates and without interruption of flow rate during its cleaning cycle. Dutch Filtration designs and build complete system to suit your application.


  • Large filter area
  • Automatic flush begins when differential pressure achieves a certain level or on a determined time lapse
  • Reliable operating mechanism
  • During the self-cleaning process, 20 to 40 seconds, filtered water continues to flow downstream.
  • Minimal volume of water needed for flushing


  • Excellent for poor quality water and very fine filtration degrees
  • Controller not necessary
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • No interruption of flow
  • Environmently friendly


  • Cooling Water
  • Waste water treatment
  • Industrial Pre-filtration
  • Pre filtration RO
  • Water Supply Systems


  • Different sizes from 80 M3/h (350 gpm) up to 7200 m3/h (32000 gpm)
  • Two types of control boards : PLC or Electro-Mechanical Relay and Timer.
  • Inlet / outlet 2″ up to 36″
  • 10-800 micron filtration
  • Design pressure 10 bar, 16 bar available on demand

Unique design features ??


Our cartridge and bag filter vessels are equiped with our unique quick opening and closure. Cartridges can be changed out much quicker and safer compare to the old fashioned swing-bolt system.

Inlet / Outlet Stainless steel 316 union fig206. No corrosion, keep you fine filtration really clean.

SS316 basket with optional pleated bag.

Safety protection at top DNV2.7-1 offshore lift frame. Heavy duty netting for easy and safe access to skid. Big improvement compare to old fashioned steel grid gates.

Document box, 100% waterproof, easy open/close.

Experience & Innovation

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