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Clean completion fluids or well bore clean up fluids are used for clean out and protection of the wellbore to maximize the oil and gas production.

The filter press 1200 sq.ft., FP1200, is a fully equipped DE filter with all necessary auxiliaries. The drip free construction guarantees an environmental friendly operation. The heavy duty system is powered by a hydraulic system which is driven by compressed air booster pumps. The robust constructed unit is easy to operate and maintain. The filter press can be operated in single or twin configuration with one slurry mixing skid. The filter press is available in high flow design for flow rates up to 32 BPM.

semi-automatic plates shifter filter press

Semi-automatic plate shifter

Largest offshore filter press

Stackable slurry skid with filter press 2400

1600 filter press with plate shifter

Filter press 1600 with plate shifter

Filter Press 1000

Filter press 1000 with plate shifter


  • Compact footprint
  • Frame designed and certified according DNV 2.7-1/ISO 10855/EN 12079
  • Pneumatic powered hydraulicsystem
  • All wetted parts SS316
  • Connections fig. 206
  • Stainless steel control cabinet


    • Completion fluids
    • Work over fluids
    • Gravel pack fluids
    • Wellbore clean up fluids
    • (Bio) diesel
    • Surface water intake
    • Process water
    • Frac fluids
    • Wastewater


      • Other sizes 600-1600 sq. ft.
      • Manifold sizes and connection types, High flow
      • Electric driven power pack
      • ISO Corner Blocks
      • Semi-automatic plate shifter

        Unique design features


        Stainless steel control cabinet


        Stainless steel sluice pan


        Document box, 100% waterproof, easy to open and close


        Our filter presses are standard equiped with a splash curtain for optimal protection during the fill cycle or during power washing of the filter plates and cloths

        FP2400 spread wit Stackable slurry skid adn 1200 sqft spread

        Stackable Slurry Skid

        To complete your filter set Dutch Filtration offers a stackable slurry skid. This stackable slurry skid is also equiped with our dual vessel filter unit. The complete unit can be placed on a heavy duty filter press. The advantage is a small footprint. The skid is suitable for onshore and offshore applications such as filtration of completion fluids, gravel pack fluids, workover fluids and waste water.

        Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter

        This plates shifter is developed for movement of very heavy plates. It’s an optional feature for large filter presses

        Diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration units: low cost, maximum production

        For over a century diatomaceous earth filtration units (DE or Diatomite filtration) has been a widely used filter unit to purify fluids. Diatomaceous earth is a very suitable filtration medium for the removal of solids and microorganisms from water and other fluids. It is also widely used in the oil and gas industry. Dutch Filtration has developed a range of robust diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration units, such as the Vertical Pressure Leaf (VPL) and the Filter Press, because diatomaceous earth filtration is a low cost solution for cleaning completion fluids and wellbore clean-up fluids. This protects the wellbore and maximises the production of oil and gas.

        How does diatomaceous earth filtration work?

        Diatomaceous earth, also known as precoat filtration, is a soft sedimentary rock comprised of the skeletal remains of microscopic aquatic plants called diatoms. The low density, high porosity and relative inertness makes diatomaceous earth an ideal filtering medium. especially as the diatoms can have interior pores as small as 0.1 micron. Diatomaceous earth filtration is easy to use and is very effective at removing solids and microorganisms from water and other fluids.

        High end diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration units

        Dutch Filtration’s diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration units are specifically designed to filter completion fluids, workover fluids and gravel-pack fluids according to the highest quality standards in the global market. The drip-free robust construction of the Vertical pressure unit and the Filter Press provides environmental friendly operation. The vertical pressure filter unit and filter press can be fitted on every on- and offshore installation or quickly and safely fixated on a truck or deck. The DE filter press can handle high flow capacities. The diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration units of Dutch filtration have a high dirt holding capacity that minimizes earth usage.

        Diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration units has many applications and benefits

        The diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration units can not only be used for filtering completion fluids, workover fluids and gravel pack fluids, but also for the purification of produced water, waste water, slops water, acids, and other liquid filtration processes such as beverages. The advantages of diatomaceous earth filtration are the low up-front cost and the long filter runs. A diatomaceous earth filtration unit or precoat filtration unit can be set up to run virtual without virtually any manual attention and is low in maintenance. It is a simple and reliable system that is very effective.

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