Absolutely the best absolute filter cartridge for well completion fluids

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Applications, Consumables

What makes our absolute pleated filter cartridge suitable for filtration of well completion fluids?

Dutch Filtration has developed an high performance absolute pleated filter cartridge especially for polishing of oilfield brines and fluids. Our large surface filter cartridge has a multi layer system for; absolute filtration, high dirt holding capacity and high throughs. The cartridge is completely welded and free adhesives. The filter cartridge is available 0.5 – 100 micron and standard in glass fibre/polyester or polypropylene media.

Features absolute pleated filter

  • Especially design for oilfield fluids
  • Applicable for temperature up to 85 degC (185 F)
  • A total thermally welded construction of filter media, core, cage and caps
  • Strong solid outer cage
  • 3 layer filter system: polyester – glass fibre – polyester
  • Pleated high surface configuration
  • Borosilicate glass fibre filter media – Beta5000 / 99,98% efficiency
  • 6 times larger filtration surface compare to spunbonded, meltblown or string wound

Benefits aboslute pleated filter

  • Applicable for all types of well completion fluids
  • Applicable for deepwater operation; high temperature and high flow
  • No issues with sticking plug-in caps inside filter housing
  • High throughputs (up to 9 m3/hr per 40inch element)
  • High dirt holding capacity which results in long life time
  • Very low NTU levels <<5 NTU
  • Strong construction with hard outer cage for oilfield operations

Our DPA-serie absolute pleated filter cartridge is especially designed for trouble free high performance filtration of well completion fluids.

 Check our website for the complete range of filter consumables and filter equipment.

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