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Dutch Filtration offers standard equipment as well as custom made equipment. We also provide the consumables and auxiliaries to complete your filter set up.


An overview of some of our projects. We manufacture filter equipment and filter consumables for the Oilfield Industry. But we offer also a range of filters in divers applications in the Process Industry.

The Largest Offshore Filter Package in the World

Filter Press with filtration area 2400 sq. ft. combined with stackable slurry skid with dual vessel filter unit. Design Pressure 105 psi, flow rate up to 50 BPM with 6″ connections and manifolds, ASAHI valves, all wetted parts SS316. Suitable for 75 pleated filter elements. Executed with Rudi Quick opening closure. Frame is designed, manufactured and certified to the latest DNV2.7-1/EN 12079/ ISO10855-2

High Pressure_High Flow Dual Vessel Combi Filter Unit

Dual Vessel Combi Filter Unit suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications such as Geothermal Energy. Design Pressure 15 bar, Design Temperature 150°C, 400 m3/hr with 6″ connections. Suitable for 9 high flow filter elements and/or 8 filter bags. Executed with Rudi Quick opening closure. Vessels PED category IV/B+F (2014/68/EU) for hazardous fluids and gas.

Filter Press with Semi-Automatic plate shifter

Filter Press 1600 ft2, high flow design with 1500 x 1500 filter plates and 6 inch in- and outlet. Filter press can be cleaned easy and safe with the semi-automatic plate shifter. The filter press is fully pneumatic/hydraulic controlled.

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

VPL with 600 ft2 filter surface for efficient filtration of completion fluids. Mixtank and pumps are included in a compact DNV skid. Combined with a dual vessel cartridge filter unit with quick opening closure. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel 316. 

Two Duplex filter units

To a customer in Texas we sold two dual vessel filter units, also known as duplex filter unit.

High Flow Dual Combi Filter Unit with High Flow Cartridge and magnetic bag.

Unique High Flow Filter unit, with a flow rate of 500m3/hr (2200GPM). This filterset is a combination of two different filter units. 1 High Flow Duplex Cartridge Unit suitable for total 220 absolute pleated filter cartrdiges. 1 High Flow Magnetic Bag Filter Unit suitable for 24 Magnetic bags for the removal of steel particles.

Filterhousings PED mod A / EN13445

Filter housings used for filtration of a chemical liquid. The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) (2014/68 / EU) is applicable on the design, manufacturing and conformity assessment. 

High Flow Filter Housings with Quick Opening Closure

Our customer wanted a high flow filter vessel with 6″ connections. Together with our unique Quick opening closure an ideal solution for High Flow applications.

Cartridge filter housing for seawater filtration

Especially designed for the harsh conditions for seawater filtration. Carbon steel, rubber lined, 10 bar design

Water purification system

The heavy duty system cleans, purifies and disinfect ‘local’ prepared drinking water at rates up to 500 LPH (8.33 GPM). The purification system has a 4 stage treatment; filtration sediments, activated carbon, membrane filtration and UV-disinfection.

High Temperature, high flow filter vessel

These vessels can handle pressures of 16 bar (232 Psi), temperatures from -10 till 95 degrees Celcius. Designcode EN13445 PED category IV/ B + F

String Wound Cartridges

String Wound Cartridges packed in bulk boxes. 440 pcs 40inch string wound cartridges per pallet.

3 Strainers for high viscosity liquids

We designed and manufactured 3 strainers for a company in the food industry. The strainers are used for filtering high viscosity fluids. All strainers are equipped with a quick opening-closure.

Dual Vessel Filter Unit with quick closure, blue coated

Our customer asked for our Dual Vessel Filter Unit with the unique Rudi Quick Opening/Closure. Instead of the Dutch Green colour they wanted a blue coating,

Stainless steel 316 filterhousings

Short term project, 4 Stainless Steel 316 filterhousings ordered and delivered within 5 days. Standard Single Bag Filters modified with additional connections, valves and gauges. New built Cartridge Filter Housing for 4 x 2.5 x 40 plugin cartridges with valves and gauges.

Filter vessel package for Waste Water Treatment

4 small packages for treatment of wash water at 5000 liter per hour. Two stage filtration system. First filter housing 30 pcs nominal rated filters for pre-filtration. Second housing with 7 pcs oil absorption filters to remove hydrocarbon from water. All built onto a plastic heavy duty pallet for easy shipment

High Pressure Demi Water Guard Filters.

The high pressure housings are fitted with our MegaFlow high flow filter element for removal of particles larger than 0.5 micron at flow rate up to 35 m3/hr. The filter housings are fully fabricated in stainless steel 316, are rated for maximum 100 bar and completely supplied with all valves including a differential pressure transmitter with local read out.

Complete Filtration set

Complete Filtration set up with Dual Cartridge Filter Unit, Filter Press, Slurry Skid and Diesel Pump set. Coated in Dark Blue

Filtomat Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Unit

The Amiad automatic self cleaning filters from the Filtomat Serie. Ideal for remote installation sites, with a water-driven self-cleaning mechanism it doesn’t need an external power source for operation.

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