Dutch Filtration offers standard equipment as well as custom made equipment. We also provide the consumables and auxiliaries to complete your filter set up.

Project references

An overview of some of our projects. We manufacture filter equipment and filter consumables for the Oilfield Industry. But we offer also a range of filters in divers applications in the Process Industry.

Largest offshore filter press

The largest offshore filter package in the world

High Pressure Dual Vessel Combi Filter Unit

High Pressure/High Flow Dual Vessel Combi filter unit

Filter Press 1600

Filter Press with semi-automatic plate shifter

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

duplex filter unit Texas

Two Duplex filter units

high flow dual vessel with magnetic bag

High flow Dual Combi filter unit with High Flow cartridge and magnetic bag

38 filter vessels for chemical industry

Filterhousings PED mod A/EN13445

High Flow filter vessel with quick opening closure

High Flow filter housings with Quick Opening Closure

Cartridge filter housing for seawater filtration

Cartridge filter housing for seawater filtration

Stainless steel strainer with steam jacket

Stainless steel strainer with steam jacket

water purification system

Water purification system

high flow high temperature filter vessel

High Flow/High temperature filter vessel

String wound Cartridges packed in bulk boxes

String wound cartridges

3 strainers food industry

3 strainers for high viscosity liquids

Dual vessel filter unit blue

Dual Vessel filter unit with Quick Closure, blue coated

stainless steel filter vessels

Stainless steel 316 filter housings

Waste water treatment

Filter vessel package for waste water treatment

High Pressure filter

High Pressure demi water guard filters

complete filtration set

Complete filtration set

filtomat automatic selfcleaning filter unit

Filtomat automatic self cleaning filter unit

Filter Vessel

DFVB600 multi bag housing

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