Dutch Filtration Designed and Manufactured the Largest Offshore Filter Package in the World

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Applications, Completion fluids, Equipment, Offshore Filtration

No mountain too high, no water to deep for Dutch Filtration

Dutch Filtration has designed and built a filtration system on behalf of one of the world’s largest Oil & Gas service companies. With our experienced engineering department, we design products of the highest quality.

Largest offshore filter press

Filterpackage for filtration of Completion Fluids

The uniqueness of this filtration system is that it will be the largest filter press for the offshore industry in the world. This high flow filter package is designed for filtration of well completion fluids at high rates for (ultra) deep offshore operations.
The customer, headquartered in Houston Texas, wanted the largest offshore filter system for the filtration of completion fluids.

These salty and heavy fluids are used to clean out the wellbore to maximize oil and gas production. The system will be deployed in the Gulf of Mexico in ultra deep water. The filter units are placed on large floating drilling platforms in water depths of more than 1.5 km and the drilling goes up to several kilometers into the seabed. Due to the great depths, large volumes of clean ‘completion fluids’ are required at a flow rate of more than 300 m3/hr (>32 BPM). The water can contain up to 0.5% suspended dirt particles and be as black as coffee. Our filter system removes all particles from the water up to 2 microns with an efficiency of 99.98% and after filtration the water is as clear as tap water.

Stackable slurry skid with dual vessel filter unit

The filter press comes with a stackable slurry skid and a dosing unit for filter aid. The large working platform can be accessed with a ladder this entrance has a security gate. Everything is designed for use on an offshore drilling platform and meets the strictest standards. All pipework, pressure vessels, tanks are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Everything is very robust and easy to operate and maintain. The entire design was carried out by our engineers and the complete system was inspected and stamped by Lloyds to DNV2.7-1 / ISO10855. The system is equipped with several innovative details that make the system work safely, quickly and efficiently. Among other things that make this happen are:

Filter Press 2400

Movie World’s Largest Filter Press

semi-automatic plates shifter filter press

Semi-automatic plate shifter Filter Press

A semi-automatic plate shifter which shifts the filter plates of the filter one by one for cleaning. This drastically eases the operations, lightens the manual labor and ensures a safer work method. More info about this system check this

powder dosing system

Semi-automatic powder dosing system for Diatomaceous Earth dosing

A semi-automatic powder dosing system. Instead of manually cutting open to bags with filter aid and dosing manually, the new system pumps (air driven) the filter aid from a big bag holding tank, dust-free and mixed in the tanks on the stackable slurry skid.


RUDI Quick Opening&Closure on duplex filter unit

Quick opening Closure

The filter housings (for filter elements) are fitted with our proprietary Rudi Quick Opening/Closures (designed by Ruud Wolthuis). This allows for very quick and safe opening and closing of the filter vessels without the use of any hand tools.

Filter cartridges manufacturing and stock

The filter elements are produced by us in the Netherlands and are delivered from our warehouse in the USA. Dutch Filtration USA Inc. has an office in Houston and stock in Houston, Texas and Lafayette, Louisiana. Bram Jansen is responsible for Dutch Filtration’scustomers in North America. In addition to filter systems for the oil and gas industry, Dutch Filtration also designs and manufactures filter elements and filtration equipment for applications such as alternative energy sources / geothermal energy, food production, waste water treatment and the chemical industry.

Technical specifications Filter Press

  • The total filtration area of the Filter Press is 2400 sqft
  • Connections and manifolds 6 inch
  • Flowrate up to 50 BPM
  • Design pressure is 105 psi
  • Frame is designed, manufactured and certified to the latest DNV2.7-1/EN 12079/ ISO10855-2
  • All wetted parts SS316
  • ASAHI valves
  • Slurry skid with 2 x 22BL mix tanks with air operated agitators.
  • Dual vessel cartridge filters, vessel diameter 28inch for 75 pcs Ø5x40inch absolute pleated filter cartridges

If you want more information about our products or projects please contact us [email protected]

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