New innovative filter vessel opening-closure for oilfield use

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Equipment

Quick and safe opening and closure filter vessel.

All our dual cartridge and bag filter units are manufactured including our own unique Rudi quick opening and closure. This complete new opening/closure system allows the filtration operator to quick and safe open / close the filter vessel for change out of filter consumables. Almost all of the cartridge filter units used in oilfield operations do have a flat lid with swing bolts and (eye) nuts. This traditional old design caused many issue’s with closing and opening the filter lid. Like lost nuts, damaged threaded swing bolts.

HSE Issue’s with the traditional swing bolts closure.

  • It is difficult to position the lid to fit the swing bolt into the gap with using your hands close to the lid. Many fingers and hands have be injured between the heavy lid and top flange.
  • Tightening the (eye) nuts require all ways a tool.  As common knowledge, in Oilfield there is nothing such as a perfect fitting spanner on site. So screwdrivers, adjustable spanners and even hammers are used to tighten the eye nuts. This is causing a high risk of injuries.

Dutch Filtration Design

Our new design opening closure does not need any tool to open and close the filter vessel. Just release the pressure and one hand lever to rotate the lid, 2nd hand operate the push lever to lift de lid and swing away in 2 seconds. Vice versa to close.The unique gasket seals off the vessel 100% leak free. Safe and Quick.

Our dual vessel cartridge or bag filter units (also known as duplex unit, twin pot, twin vessel unit) are widely used for many applications in oilfield operation on and offshore such as: completion fluids filtration, wellbore clean up, workover fluids, gravel pack, slop water treatment, produced water, base oil filtration. In case the fluid batches are larger we recommend to use a filter press or vertical pressure leaf filter as pre-filter.

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