Slurry mixing skid – DE mix unit


The Dutch Filtration dual mixing slurry skid is a complete unit for pre-coating and body feed of the filter press. The unit is complete with 2 mixing tanks both 17 BBL/2.7 m3, air driven pre-coat and body feed pump. The frame is equipped with a working platform for safe and easy adding filter aid (DE media) into the mix tanks.«

The unit can be optionally supplied with a manifold to unit two filter presses in parallel (also known as twin press set-up)

stackable filterpress unit

Stackable slurry skid

single slurry mixing skid

The slurry skid is also available with a single tank

Double slurry skid

Double slurry skid, to precoat two filter presses simultaneously


  • Frame designed and certified according DNV 2.7-1/ISO 10855/EN 12079, globally accepted for offshore use.
  • Air driven precoat and body feed pump, simple and easy controlling.
  • 2×17 bbl separate mixtanks for maximum flexibility.
  • Connections unions fig. 206.
  • Air agitation system.


    • Completion Fluids
    • Work over fluids
    • Gravel pack fluids
    • Wellbore clean up fluids
    • (Bio) diesel
    • Surface water intake
    • Process water
    • Frac fluids
    • Waste water


      • Connections for Dust free DE dosing system
      • Other volume tanks singel or dual
      • Stackable combined with dual vessel cartridge unit
      • Manifold sizes and connection types, High Flow 6″
      • ISO Corner Blocks

        Unique design features


        Inlet/outlet union fig. 206


        The two compartments of the slurry skid can operate separately


        Document box, 100% waterproof, easy to open and close


        Slurry skid designed and certified according DNV 2.7-1

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