Dual Vessel Single Bag Filter Unit

Dual Vessel Bag Filter System

This Dual Vessel Single Bag Filter Unit is based on 20 years of experience manufacturing equipment. This filter unit is ideal for projects that require removal of coarse or fine pollution from liquids at low or moderate flows. Our standard DFB9 has two vessels of 1 bag each. This unit is suitable for parallel and by-pass operation. 

Small footprint dual bag filter installation

Small footprint Dual Bag filter installation


  • Design code vessels: PED category I module A

  • Full operation possible without stepping over hoses

  • Anti-slip grating and railing to ensure safety for operator

  • Robust skid to avoid potential damage to vessel

  • Safe pressure relief through vent outlet at the bottom

  • Ergonomic pressure read out and bag exchange

  • Scheduled QMS inspections


  • Straining of larger pollution to protect equipment like pumps
  • Polishing of raw materials or end products prior or after temporary storage
  • Removal of contamination from cooling water circuits
  • Removal of suspended pollutants during ground water extraction
  • Polishing prior or after other filtration equipment (FOA or Activated carbon)
  • Removal of (small) oil particles from water (using oil adsorption bags)


  • Stainless steel drip pan

  • Common drain line

  • Construction materials: carbon steel coated, (super) duplex

  • Manifold sizes and connection types

  • Vessel linings: rubber, epoxy, glass flake, PU

Unique design features

Dual Vessel Single Bag Filter Unit drippan

Stainless steel drip pan

Dual Vessel Single Bag Filter Unit easy acces

Easy access

Dual Vessel Single Bag Filter Unit vervoeren

Moveable with forklift or pallet truck

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