BagFlow – High Capacity

High capacity bag en filter basket

With our high capacity filter basket & bag you can have the desired flow rate and dirt holding capacity, but for a lower cost and with a smaller filter housing. Due to the increased dirt holding capacity, the service life of the filter bag is increased.

The high capacity filter basket & bag has an outer surface and a central core. The liquid flows through both, which doubles the flow rate compared to the standard size filter bag.

The filtration surface area is increased by 70% and the volume of the retained liquid is reduced by 30%. This reduces the filter bag removal weight and the product wastage.


  • Filtration surface area is increased by 70%
  • The volume of retained liquid is reduced by 30%
  • Contaminated fluids flow from inside to outside, so all solids are retained in the bag
  • Low operational costs
  • Easy handling, easy, clean and quick change out of filter bags
  • A wide range of materials and micron rating
  • Wide chemical compatibility


    • Completion Fluids
    • Produced water
    • Work over fluids
    • Gravel pack fluids
    • Wellbore clean up fluids
    • (Bio) diesel
    • Fuel oil
    • Sea-, river-, well water
    • Process water
    • Pre filtration RO
    • Acids
    • Solvents
    • Waste Water
    • Amines & Glycol

      Options for bags

      • Different materials
      • Different media
      • Other sealing configuration
      • Other lengths
      • Absolute rated bags
      • Pleated bags
      • Welded construction

        Options for basket

        • Different materialså: RVS 304, RVS 316, Duplex and more
        High capacity bag en filter basket

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