UltraFlow – High Flow and Capacity Filter Cartridge

UltraFLow alternatief voor Cuno High Flow HF

The UltraFlow is a high flow filter cartridge combined with a high contaminant holding capacity. This results in a very high filtration efficiency with a small footprint and fewer change outs. The UltraFlow is Full Thermal Bonded which make it compliant with most fluids, solvents and chemicals. The bayonet and O-ring seal ensures a secure and safe connection. The high flow filter element can operate at high flowrates up to 500 bbl/hr (80 m3/hr). The rigid polypropylene core provides high strength. The UltraFlow elements are available in 0,5 – 100 micron.


  • Bayonet closure and positive o-ring seal assures filtration integrity and high strength
  • Absolute rating of Beta 5000 (99.98% efficiency) for reliable results in any critical application
  • Provides significantly higher dirt holding than normal pleated, this means a longer life and use of less elements
  • Quick and easy change out with integrated handle
  • Large diameter increases filtration surface area, this means higher flow rates compared to 2,5″ filter cartridges
  • Full Thermal Bonded technology offering chemical compatibility for most fluids, solvents, chemicals
  • High strength by rigid polypropylene core


    • Completion fluids
    • Work over fluids
    • Gravel pack fluids
    • (Bio) diesel
    • Surface Water Intake
    • Process Water
    • Water injection
    • RO Pre-filtration
    • Acids
    • Solvents
    • Gels, amines and Glycols
    • Coolants


      • Filter media: PP, Glass Fiber
      • High Flow Elements, Outside to Inside Flow (MegaFlow)
      • Different Lengths 40 and 60 inch Other on Request
      • High Temperature Version

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